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Built My First PC!

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way on choosing components for my build, and I was able to get it built and it running last night. 


CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x 8 core

CPU Cooler: Dark Rock Pro 4

Graphics Card: 8GB Nvidia GeForce 2060 Super

RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengenance RGB Pro

Motherboard: Asus B550 F-Gaming Motherboard with WIFI

Case: Corsair Carbide 678C


My question is, since it last rebooted, it first showed the message, "please power down and connect all PCIe power cables to graphics card." So I got to looking and realized I forgot the two other connectors, and now have it all connected, but now it goes past the rog post screen and it shut down, I did change a setting in the bios trying to get it to boot from  a flash drive in secure boot menu since it started doing this. I was trying to get it to find the USB drive with the windows install on it. Also, the case fans that come with the computer case will not spin, only the CPU cooler will work. I can't figure out where on motherboard to plug in PWM cable. I have it plugged in currently to CPU_FAN_OPT the one right beside the CPU_FAN main one. Any help would be appreciated and thanks, feel like I'm so close to having a working computer.

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any of the red fan icons will have PWM, the purple one is for a pump but can also be controlled as a fan header. 


1 hour ago, woody30 said:

now it goes past the rog post screen and it shut down

does it go to a "no install media found" screen or some similar wording? or just gets to the end of the post and shuts off?

- first thing I do is reconnect all the power connectors for the board,

- both 8pin and 4 pin in the top left as well as the 24pin just to be sure they are in correctly. 

- then CMOS reset, make sure no weird settings from a factory bios are screwing with power states or causing a shutdown. 

- make sure the USB with the windows installer is not corrupted or isn't in legacy mode when it should be in UEFI bios

- verify you can set the USB device as the first boot device in the bios, if the bios can't see the USB it doesn't have the correct format or file structure to boot


after you've tried those you should be able to narrow it down to USB device or something else part wise is wrong as these eliminate bios settings and USB installer issues. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Should there be a 4 and 8 pin connector in both places where cpu power plugs in? Right now I just one 4 pin but there is a red led that lights up underneath there is that just a standby light or something else? My case came with a cable thats labeled PWM cable and all 3 fans were plugged into a little small square board on backside of case which place do I connect it on motherboard? Thanks for responding 

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