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LCD Burn in?

Unless it has an OLED screen you're fine.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi! So I am downloading my files from AWS Glacier but it's gonna take a while and I might have to go to sleep and leave my laptop on doing the task and turn it off in the morning when I wake up. It will have to be plugged in though since otherwise it will run out of battery and I will have to leave the screen on constantly because for some reason the fan turns off with the screen even if the computer is not sleeping and if it's plugged in it heats up. So I have no choice but to leave it screen on all the time plugged in or I am risking the battery to die and my download to be cut off. However is it ok if I leave it like that? I mean could it burn in if I leave it on the app(FastGlacier) open? I mean the app is not completely static when it's downloading there are like two green bars going up all the time indicating progress of current file but other than that everything else is static. So should I just leave it? Should I turn on a screen saver or it's fine to just leave it like that?(I am guessing it will be for like 3-4 hours).It's a Lenovo Ideapad.

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Posted · Best Answer

Unless it has an OLED screen you're fine.

Quote me to see my reply!


CPU: Xeon X5650 OC'd to 4.2GHz @ 1.35V (courtesy of @XR6)Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X58 RAM: 4x4GB G.Skill DDR3 1866MHz GPU: Asus RX 570 Strix Storage: WD Blue 1TB and a 128GB Kingston UV400 PSU: EVGA 600B Case: Fractal Design Define C Cooling: H100i V2, be quiet! Pure Wings 2 (two intake, two exhausting through radiator) Monitor: 3x Dell P2210 on a Steelcase Eyesite triple monitor stand Mouse: Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless Keyboard: It changes, but usually Focus FK-9000 Mousepad: Steelseries QcK XL Headphones:  Sennheiser HD598SE





i use arch btw

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

nothing here just editing out something and I can't delete it

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