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Can packet loss occur at first hop due to bad house connection?

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I have had severe packet loss occurring within my wi-fi network, which has made me unable to connect to game servers properly, and caused significant lagging. 


After performing traceroutes and using pingplotter, it became apparent that the packet loss was primarily from the first step (computer to router/modem) (see image). *Note, I had a modem router 2 in 1. I replaced the modem router (myrepublic wifi hub+) with a TP-link VR600V, which seemed to eliminate packet loss and latency at steps after the first, but still has significant packet loss at the first step (99%+). I have tried altering modem router settings such as channel, bandwidth and connecting to both 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands. I also have the latest drivers and firmware on the network card (have also tried 2 cards) and modem router. When I connect my laptop to the modem router via ethernet cable, significant packet loss >75% still occurs. I don't believe I should have interference problems, as I am in a quiet area with only 2 other nearby networks on different channels. I also only have 1 wall between my desktop and the modem router, and even when my laptop is next to the router it has packet loss of 80%+.


My only thoughts left is maybe that the house/road connection is faulty, but I thought this would show on a hop other than the first in a traceroute. Some clarity on this would be great. I truly don't know what else I could possibly replace/update/configure. 


Any help is appreciated as I am lost as to what to do next.


Thanks, Michael 

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