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Good idea to buy used 1070 now?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok so my birthday is coming up and I wanted to get myself something nice and you can get a gtx 1070 for around $200 usd here in the US. Is it a bad idea to buy now? The rtx 3070 and 3060 will be coming out soon and big Navi as well, but their lower end cards won’t be coming for a while. I don’t think prices will change much in the coming months but my 1650 super may drop in value quicker (currently going for $130 on eBay) What do you guys think?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

the difference in performance between a1650 super and a 1070 is about 25%. i wouldn't say it's a sufficient improvement. I usually advise people to get something with at least 50% improvement. 

so I would try to save a bit more money and go for a 1080 instead, or hope the price of used 2070 will drop 

Well the main reason I want a 1070 is because the 1650 super cannot keep up with a 144hz monitor and in the future I will get one. A 1070ti is around 240 though, so I may get one of those.

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I wouldn't pull the trigger just yet on a GTX 1070, the price has been around $200 since last year when I sold off my GTX 1070 and 1080. I've also noticed GTX 900 series prices have stagnated around the $100 mark on the 2nd hand market, which is what I sold my GTX 970 for years ago. So it doesn't appear the 2nd hand market has truly reacted to RTX 30-series yet, the price of the GTX 1070 should come down another $25-50 at least.

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