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Can someone please tell me if these rams are compatible?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, Im currently running a laptop with 8gigs of memory.

Planning to get another 8gb ram off of amazon for that sweet dual channel performance, but I'm not sure if the ram available is compatible with mine or not.


While both rams are 3200MHZ and CL 22, a lot of stuff on CPU-Z is different, please let me know if the ramrs are compatible or not


this is the ram that i am planning to get on amazon




and this is my current ram: 




answers online have been very confusing.. ranging from saying that it wont run on dual channel to the motherboard will adjust it and some saying that i have to manually adjust the timings.. not sure how to do that on a laptop.


Anyways pls help

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7 minutes ago, iamthecarguy said:

Not sure since the Cas latencys are a bit differant.

The Mainboard should automatically use the higher latency for all sticks.

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Basically the general rules is, whatever speed, if combined it will automatically run at the speed of the lowest.

Do you have any option other than the samsung modules?

You can combine different chip brand, but If possible try searching for the same Kingston module with Hynix chip for best compatibility.

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It'll either work in dual channel, or not at all, from my understanding anyways


It'll run at the higher timings of it does work

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