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Luis P

Searching for a laptop!!!!

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Hi everyone, im an Industrial engineer student, and my old laptop had better days, A Toshiba C55-D With a 4 core AMD-A8-6410 and for normal tasks it works fine, i upgraded the ram to 16gigs and a 860 qvo ssd, but that’s not enough for using Autodesk Apps, i do photography and video editing as a hobby and is not working properly for me, :/, i just want to know if it is a good time for buying a new laptop (all the new hardware that is coming out).


Its mandatory for me bc i move a lot, i know it would be easier to build a pc, but my lifestyle requires to have a laptop, and it’s getting frustrating getting blue screens when I open a autodesk app, or have a class and cant use more than 3 programs at the same time...


I was looking foward to a Lenovo L340 gaming o r a Lenovo Legion Y545, i guess those are on the sweet spot for me, but im not sure of making the decision now, what y’all think???

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If it has to be one of those you mention, then I would go for the  Lenovo Legion Y545. Better processor, Better GPU, more RAM, More Space. 


Do you have any other option and or budget limit?

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I don't know if I would get a Y series, the build quality is meh and I've never like the keyboard. I have a Y530 that let me down. You can get a used P52, with warranty on ebay with good spec. I have a P52 that's rock solid, and a new XPS 15 9500 that's also been a good machine. Only had the XPS for a little over a day now but I've already used it for a ton of work without any issues. The typing experience has been great, non 4k screen which is amazing and the display works flawlessly in the sun. I already had loads of dongles for my P52 so that transition hasn't been hard for me, already have a TB3 dock as well. I have the 10875h which has had decent thermals and amazing performance. I run a few VM's in the background and so odd things have happened, I leave it on the cool setting. I added the laptop to my domain so it's got LTSC.

CPU: i7-4770k @4.8ghz---Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z97---Ram 32gb Corsair Vengeance---GPU: 2 EVGA GTX 980 4gb way sli---Case: Corsair 600T White---Storage: 500gb 850 Pro & WD Black 4tb---PSU: Corsair RM1000

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