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PC Display Issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all, so basically what's happening is the follows:


Here are my system specs:


Ryzen 5 3600

16GB G.Skill DDR4 3600

ASRock RX 5700XT (the Challanger D one)

Intel 660p (boot drive)

Samsung 860 EVO

MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

Corsair RMx 750w


For monitors I have an MSI Optix G24C (thats the primary display) and an LG Ultrawide (this is the secondary display)


Now onto the issue:


When my computer was still functional I got an error about "USB device is not functional" or something like that. All the front USB Ports on my computer where non-functioning, so I thought I might as well restart the thing since it hadn't been restarted in a while. When I restarted my computer I got no BIOS Splash Screen, no Windows Startup, nothing on the MAIN Display. It was just a blank screen, although the monitor was on. The secondary display was in standby mode, so the graphics card wasn't even detecting it. So I thought maybe it could be a dead graphics card, so I took apart another system in my house and took the RX 570 graphics card out of it and then put it in my system. It turned on with no issues. So I thought that it must certainly be the GPU then, so I put it in the other system to double check and the graphics card was working. I ran GeekBench 5 tests on the graphics card and it didn't crash, it was stable. It was however making sounds like its making electrical noise, but it was making those noises since I got it. I also noticed that when I reboot my computer with the other graphics card in it that the motherboard color keeps resetting to white and then changing back, but it is set to red and it never went back to white when I rebooted it before. I am thinking it could be a motherboard issue but I'm really not sure what could be wrong at this point. Also when I first got the system it was unstable until a firmware update came out for the motherboard. The ram kept causing the system to crash because I had to turn on A-XMP to get the 3600MHz speed.


Should I try putting the original graphics card back in my main system again and see what happens?


All my PC Parts are still under warranty as I built it last December, but some of the parts the warranty is about to expire (1-yr warranty period) so if I need to RMA anything lmk.


Also another issue when my computer was working with the main graphics card was if the display went to sleep and I hit a key on the keyboard to turn it back on, only the main display would turn back on, the secondary display would either go to sleep or would run at the wrong resolution requiring me to put it into sleep and then wake it back up (stupid AMD Drivers), I'm still having this issue, but not with the RX 570 installed.


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58 minutes ago, Chickenfans said:

It was however making sounds like its making electrical noise

could you explain this in better detail? or possibly provide a video or sound clip of the card making this sound?

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