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Muhlis Gursoy

How Do I Know If My Display Is HDR Compatible?

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I have a laptop that I recently bought (an Acer Swift 3, it has a full HD screen with IPS technology). I discovered the Windows HD Colour setting in the Windows Settings, and Windows determines that my display is capable of streaming HDR video. I enabled the "Stream HDR Video" setting, and I searched for an HDR Youtube video and played it on full screen. But there was nothing changed when it was off. There was no HDR option on the video too (I opened a video from The HDR Channel on Youtube).



Later, I discovered the "Advanced Display Settings" and it says the color space on the display is SDR, not HDR. Does it mean my display can't show HDR? If it is, why Windows HD Colour settings tell me the display is HDR capable? Does it mean the processor is capable to stream HDR but not on this screen? Could anybody explain this?
Thank you.
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Your display is cabable of streaming HDR, meaning that it will not be affected by HDR video, but that doesn't mean it can actually display the HDR. Hope I made this clear. 


have a great day!

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