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Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi - graphics card covers the chipset fan!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm in the middle of a new build and using an old graphics card while waiting for an RTX 3080.  Just noticed that the graphics card, a GTX 770, is hovering just barely over the chipset fan. Parts of the card are almost touching the shield, although I think the chipset fan itself is untouched. Is this ok? This series of motherboards got great reviews and I don't remember reading anything bad about the chipset fan location, but this placement seems very unfortunate. I'm assuming the RTX 3080 will be a lot bigger than my old GTX 770, so the covering will only get worse. Has anyone else dealt with this?



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Posted · Original PosterOP
8 minutes ago, ShadySocks said:

That is normal, it shouldn't be an issue

Thanks for the feedback. I'll put it out of my mind, even though it does seem like a bad spot to put a fan. 

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It's fine.  I have the same board.  My 1070 extends past the motherboard edge even more.  And my future 3080 will probably do the same.


When there is no danger of failure there is no pleasure in success.

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Yeah it's fine.


If you're paranoid, feel free to stick a bit of material on that heatsink to guarantee the video card never touches the actual fan. For example, glue the eraser tip from a crayon, or a (couple of ) coins, or a small chunk of corrugated cardboard from some box (i'd place it on the smaller side, towards the pci-e slot) 


The fan is only really required if you're going to use the pci-e 4.0 part of the chipset, by installing a pci-e 4.0 nvme ssd in the second m.2 connector, or some pci-e 4.0 card in the pci-e slot connected to chipset. If this is not the case, the chipset should remain cool enough to not require fan spinning. 


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