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InWin A1 power supply noise

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently bought an Inwin A1 case and powersupply, the 650W gold certified version.
The system will turn on but I am noticing a crackling sound coming from the powersupply. Also the sound seems fore frequent if the computer is under load. I turned off all the lights in my room to make sure I couldn't see an sparks inside the PSU and didn't see anything. I did look into it a bit and other seem to have fan noise problemes. Not me. It's really just a crackling sound almost like static but not very constant.


I'm just scared for my components since it didn't do that in my previous build.
Could it be a PSU defect ?


The next step I might try is disasemble the whole computer and make sure my connections are okay, 

And then if nothing, I might try the PSU from my old build.

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