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issue with HDD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My seagate Barracude 1TB recently failed.


It came in a pre-built (dont worry, i know what your thinking)


It was working the night before, bot upon boot i was prompted to install proper boot media, i re-installed windows on a spare hard drive.


The hard drive isnt coming up anywhere now, not in Disk Manager, DiskPart, or even BIOS.


Ran the serial number and turned out warranty ran out January 2014, so not suprised the drive has failed, but i was wondering if anyone had any clue what the issue is, and how easily recoverable it would be.


The drive is powering on and it is making a slight whir/scream sound on start-up, but cant remember if that's normal.


I have tried:

Unplugging the drive

Different SATA Port

Different SATA Cable

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4 minutes ago, idwt said:

slight whir/scream

if it's screeching, you might have a drive head crash, and that's really bad


if you have important data, send it for proper data recovery and do not power it on any further

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If you don't see it in the BIOS at all then there probably isn't much you can do by yourself. It's hard to know if the noise is normal or not based on your description. Could you upload a short video of the drive starting up?

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