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RX 580 Bricked or Dead?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone, 

It's my first time seeking help through LTT Forum. I own a RX 580 MSI card & the link to the model is as below:


I manually updated the Driver from 19.10 to the latest 20.4.2 & while in between the update the system randomly crashed. I turned it on & I received only black screen while the fans were spinning on the GPU. My CPU is Ryzen 7-1700 so it doesn't have a n iGPU & I used a spare GTX 760 to check what happened. The drivers were installed for 20.4.2. I reset windows to see if that solves the problem yet it persisted. The RX 580 was visible in GPUz and MSI afterburner when I ran it from my second PCI slot. I flashed the bios on the RX 580 with a similar bios still the same problem. What might be the cause? Is it dead or bricked or beyond that.

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