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I believe this is a GPU issue.

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I believe this is a GPU issue, but i dont know for sure. Ever since i built my pc, when i put my pc to sleep, my gpu would make a rather high pitched beeping, and not turn any of the lights on it off. this continued when i upgraded from a 980 ti to a 1080ti from evga. now when i put it to sleep, i get the high pitched almost whining, and 3 leds flashing from green to red, back and forth. I have fully rebuilt and upgraded this system since i originally built it, the only components left from my original build are my psu, 2 of my 3 monitors, and the cables connecting them.


I think the gpu may somehow be getting a power feedback though the displayport cable attached to one of my monitors, because when i unplug that cable from the gpu, the problem stops.


This also happens if i do a full system shutdown, and will continue to happen even if i toggle the i/o switch at the back of the psu, and even unplug it from power. meaning once i have power disconnected from my pc, the gpu will still beep and flash at me until i unplug and plug back in the displayport cable.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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If it happens with multiple different GPUs it literally CANT be a gpu issue.   

It could be a bunch of other things from software to hardware.

As to the perpetual motion thing where it runs without any power at all there’s a laws of physics problem there.  Especially with the unplugged thing.  Makes Me want to look at a neurological explanation.


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I have heard screeching on a graphic card once on an old system, but that was on startup and the reason was because the graphic card was not getting enough power from one 6 pin connector, different sort of fault to yours but was power related.

What I would do:-

If you have three monitors , disconnect all the but one of the displayport cables and just try with one monitor. If it does the same change to another displayport cable with the same monitor.If it's the same try another monitor and use a different display port connector on the back of the card. Worth checking all the ports, monitor and graphic card with torch and magnifying glass.


If after doing this its still doing the same , look up the fault codes, 3 leds flashing from green to red should give you some indication of where to look. Could be the power supply failing and not supplying enough voltage to the graphic card but check the connectors and wiring first. Also check for any smell from psu which might indicate something burnt or capacitors breaking down.  Make sure all the connectors from the psu to the motherboard are connected properly, if the tab is not clicked in its not connected properly. It would be well worth trying another power supply if you have a spare available of the correct voltage. Even quality psu's can break down. Good luck man

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