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What to look for when buying a 4k non Oled TV

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I looking at buying a new tv for the ps5 and my computer thats only 4k and not oled thats either a Sony or a Samsung.
But want to know what to look for ie sorting through the BULL.
Example the hertz are real, if it is true hdr, and the dynamic range stuff.
I watched a few videos and Linus says sometimes that things are not what they say on the box.
ps I live in Australia so not sure if that makes a difference to other parts of the world

Thanks. If i posted this in the wrong spot sorry.

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ok for htz and you want the 120 htz you have to make sure the tv has hdmi 2.1.....if it has hdmi 2.0 its only a 60htz tv (the 120 it says usually with "motion," "action" and "clear" is interpolation or motion enhancing)

sony does have some tvs with a great picture but lg and samsung are the best ms wise for gaming.

honestly when it comes to hdr and such something always gives. whether is color, blacks, brightness

oled great colors and blacks, but not as bright, min to no blooming, great ms (but has the chance for burn in, but newer ones are supposed to have stuff on them to help stop it)

lgs nano. ips panel, great colors, not as bright, cant do deep blacks and is noticeable in a pitch dark room, min/med blooming especially the darker the room is, great ms

lg and samsung va panels (qled and such) good to great color (depending on tv), good brightness, deep blacks, but it depends on tv with blooming, great ms

sony ive only heard of 2 that are supposed to be good (i could be wrong) the x950h and x900h

check out rtings.com...they really go into detail about the tvs theve reviewed


oh and from what ive experienced..lgs way of doing hdr is better then samsungs. samsung and their soap opera effect is kind of annoying. but thats my opinion


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Rtings is your best friend.

Look trough this article first.



If it doesn't help you, there's also a recommendation tool.



And if you still haven't found anything you can check the table tool, it just takes a minute to learn. I added some that you might find useful, but you can add more from the add column button.


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