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Martin Jones

Random disconnects, ISP got no clue what the issue is

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, got a little issue here with my ISPs hardware.


Connection is wireless due to the lack of fibre cables and telephone lines, meaning only option is wireless.


This is achieved with something like this (don't know the model, but the brand it the same and outside looks similar): https://www.senetic.cz/product/RBSXTG-5HPND-SAR2?gclid=CjwKCAjwwab7BRBAEiwAapqpTFnhK5k-tSKTKv2v-W8uAZUJT24UQsGKzWZQEUvU4do6LYUC3dwunhoCkfYQAvD_BwE


Network had issues with clients being disconnected. I thought it might be a bad router, so we bought a new one, but the issue persists. Turns out, router was set in AP mode, meaning the router didn't take care of connected devices, DHCP or NAT, it just broadcasted the radio signals and the product I linked took care of everything. 


The issue is, it disconnects connected devices every 30-90 minutes, which is horrible for real-time video streaming as it lags for a good 5 seconds or more. Sometimes stream close and I need to establish a new connection.


I don't have access to the wireless AP on the roof top and it can't be accessed though web browser, using their Mikrotik's special software is probably the way to go as I remember the ISP using this program when they configured the AP. Even then I probably wouldn't know the credentials.


If I set the router to a default router mode so that I can use parental control, DHCP, NAT, etc. it works for that 30-90 minutes and then suddenly disconnects. Only way to make it work again is disconnect the Ethernet cable and connect it back in.


So the issue is that the ISP's satellite AP disconnects either devices on the network or the router depending on the mode the router is in.


Now ISP claims they got no clue what's going on. I suggested disabling DHCP on the AP and assigning static IP address to the router so maybe that could help. But they do not agree. And from what I read, devices should ask DHCP to renew their IP half way the lease life time.


So, any ideas? My ISP's hardware keeps disconnecting devices and ISP got no clue what that could be. And they seem like they do not want to come over to take a look and fix it. Maybe if I knew the issue, they might be more interested to come and fix it.

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If you connect a device to their router and it disconnects then surely they are not providing a service. Tell them to fix it or remove it. In Australia we wouldn't have to pay because they haven't provided the service. Not sure how it works where you are.

If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

Don't forget to tag or quote in your reply if you want me to know you've answered or have another question.

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