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Ryzen Master Error or something else........

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Posted · Original PosterOP

MSI X570 Carbon

Ryzen 3900x

MSI 2070 super

16gb 3600mhz G-skills Ram

Corsair 850 watt Gold PSU


So I'm not sure what's happening with my All Core OC. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe there is something wrong with Ryzen Master or my CPU. I am very new to this.


About three weeks ago I worked on a profile using Ryzen Master to give me an all core OC for gaming. I did my research and through trial and error I was able to achieve a stable OC of 4425mhz with SMT off at 1.35 volts. I tested it throughly and it stayed stable and temps never go above 78c with my AIO.


As of yesterday something has went wrong. My auto OC seems to not be working and instead Ryzen Master seems to be stuck on PBO mode. No matter how many time I switch profiles it stays in PBO mode. I know this because when I switch to basic view it says as much plus the cpu mhz fluctuates as if it is. Also max mhz says 4600mhz (should say 4425) as if it's in default or PBO mode.


I have uninstalled Ryzen Master and Reinstalled to no avail. Is it Ryzen Master, hardware, or user error?

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