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Sub Zero Cooling gallery

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thread for your sub zero pictures.

(hopefully, I'm not alone?)


Post your Phase change, LN2, Dice, TEC, water chillers or any other sub ambient, sub zero chilling pictures here! 

Old pics welcome. New pics encouraged!





This one is chilled water below. 

2x Opteron 246 processors dual core config.

Socket 940 (not AM2) ASUS K8N-DRE

Running 2500mhz.



- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! 

- Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below.




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Never was that cool, but do have a somewhat related funny. I have an MSI 990FXa gaming motherboard. Which, has a special switch to limit the CPU in the event one decides to use LN2 for cooling. Well, I never knew this switch existed until about a year ago when I reused the motherboard for an audio workstation. But up until then, I had been using my PC to game and stuff with, thinking all the while that GTAV (low to medium settings) ran really shitty on an AMD FX 8320, an R9 380, and an 840 PRO SSD. Well, after I setup the audio workstation, I did some benchmarking and found the results to be really bad compared to other similarly specced systems. I scoured the internet for a long time before I just gave up.


But then one day I just decided to pull the motherboard out and inspect it. While I did find issues with the VRM cooling that I later fixed, I then finally found the wee bastard that I had no idea was plaguing me the whole time. This tiny, dumbass, idiotic, good for nothing person that I am had totally missed the switch labeled: "Slow Mode" (fitting, ain't it?). So I went "Huh, wonder what that's for?" and just flipped it and put everything back together.


Lo and behold, the benchmark scores were amazing (for the specs that is)! So I decided to install and run GTAV and it ran at a constant 60fps (medium to high settings)! I was shook! For many, many years I had been running a PC at less than half the speed it should have. If I remember right, the CPU was limited to less than 2Ghz by that switch. Never knew a motherboard would have such a switch for such a specific thing. But I learned something new that day. 



Now as you can see, it is not clear which direction enables and disables this mode. Which I think is stupid to begin with. But I never thought something like that was a thing, so I never was able to ask the internet the right questions to point me in the right direction. Left is "Slow Mode OFF" and right is "Slow Mode ON" (in the pic below).



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yes, that's exactly what the switch does. Holds the Cpu at a low power state. 

This helps prevent cold post or cold bugs.


Funny enough, I had the most trouble using that damn switch lol. Swear it to the stars, my CrossHair Formula Z would not post with that switch in slow mode. Tried and tried and tried. Oh, I'm supposed to turn on the LN2 switch to enable slow mode. Dubble Duh! lol.



- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! 

- Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below.




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