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Screen goes black when in fullscreen or windowed fullscreen

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So im having this problem where whenever i fullscreen in a game or a video sent over discord my monitor starts blacking out. The pattern that i can find from this is whenever i go to a different menu like the settings o a different section of the games main menu thats when it happens. Ive had this problem before and i had to full reset my PC to remove it so now i know its something i downloaded, but the thing is ive permanently deleted all of the things ive downloadedd for the past 12 days and this issue has only come back a week ago. 
I've never gotten a solution to this problem other than the reset (and that was just by accident cause i wanted to wipe my drives clean). No one has ever given me anything that works but maybe this time someone might be able to help me idk.
Thx for all the help and responses i appreciate anything i can get.
P.S. Windowed Fullscreen has the same problem

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