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i3 or i5 Intelk NUC for under desk hidden emule+torrent box? reliability?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: E-mule, BiglyBT, seeding 400+ torrents, 200 files for emule, firefox as browser.


I currently have one working rig which is my 3800 ryzen, 2080 super watercooled rig running 24/7. The reason why it runs 24/7 is that it run's emule and biglybt. Emule is win32 only so Linux is not an option for me even if I could somehow get something equivalent running on my qnap nas I dont have the patience or knowledge.


I have been thinking of throwing together a box with old parts for a long time but the power draw (for what the rig should do) has been the turn off so to say plus finding a place to put the thing. The small room I have my network rack in is hot enough so I really do not want to add more heat into that room.


An intel NUC then seems to serve my needs where I'm looking at a i3 version NUC10i3FNH and an i5 NUC10i5FNH. I am looking at getting an m.2 + and 2,5 ssd and run them in raid 1 for redundancy as uptime is important for me. I plan to fix the NUC under the desk in my office, connect it to power and Ethernet and remote to it via my main rig for que management and other things I want to keep running on it (My NAS handles my plex) but I dont foresee anything CPU heavy other than downloading or uploading torrents/files to and from my NAS to the internet which is rare and speed is not really a priority for those tasks. I need a small box that doesnt sip too much power that is noiseless and that I can hide it away.


For OS I'll probably run win 10 on it.


For my usecase, would an i3 be enough, or would i5 make more sense, and how much memory would you guess I would need? On my main rig BiglyBT uses 550 MB and emule 60 mb as of writing this but they are neither uploading or downloading much if anyting so I may have answered my own question on memory as full memory usage is a little over 9 GB with 22.6 gb available.


To close this novel, do you have any experience with longevity of Intel NUC devices? The rigs I put together myself last 5-7 years without issues so if they do not even get close to such an age it would be good to get some input.

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

It is currently outside my plans for such a device but has anyone any experience running VM's on them or is the platform simply not suited for it?


Has anyone built their own ultracompact machine as a torrent box to hide away?

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