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I was wondering if a recommendation could be made. I am looking for a laptop that could handle just about anything I throw at it. I do not really game at the present moment, but I do code (Python, Java, C++, etc..) also I constantly run VM's locally for testing of code. I also am in Network Operations. Can you recommend a laptop that could handle running a VM while not reducing performance of the rest of the system so as to code (simultaneously). Typical VM builds run 2 to 4 core vCPU's and 8 to 16GB vRAM. Graphics are not a super high concern, but I typically have resolutions of 2560x1440. If you could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at several manufacturers and found the only systems that could possibly meet requirements are gaming systems. Is there a laptop out there that would handle the load without the added price of a higher-end graphics card price bump? I am not adverse to a building from parts of that is the recommended option. I’m thinking 1tb or more sad, 4 or more core CPU, and 32gb or more ram.


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Whats your budget?

Most of the time laptops that meet your needs are rather expensive,and even those that are mostly used for work and not gaming.

What boggy77 said is your best bed.

My advice would be honestly build a desktop.

For the same amount of money(its about 1.7-2+k euros in Europe) idk where are you located.You could build an overkill desktop for you needs,and  have some spare money to buy laptop that you could use for coding if you are traveling or what ever.

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