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Is KVM Switches the way to go?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Recently due to current global situation I have moved to working from home.

Now my current setup for my personal PC comprises of a custom build with relatively high end specs including a decent graphics card, a 4k monitor with 75Hz refresh rate, a mechanical keyboard and a wireless mouse with usb-c dongle.
For my work I have a Macbook pro 2019 (I know boo Mac and all but its what work provides).

What I am trying to achieve is a way I can easily connect my Mac to my already existing setup so I can use the same monitor (also want to get another monitor so it will be a dual monitor setup), same keyboard and same mouse, and then just switch between my PC and the Mac. I have looked into KVM switches but they seem to be super expensive (especially for a 4k monitor with high-ish refresh rate) and even then can't really find one that will let me utalise my screens 75Hz refresh rate. I'm hoping for a clean solution that I can continue to use in the future.

I will also hopefully be able to use my external SSD as part of this switching process if possible so everything is clean and simple.


Any advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.




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I second Synergy. I have been working from home for nearly 4 years now full time and have used Synergy the whole time. Its a great piece of software. Only thing that can be touchy with it is if you use a VPN. 

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