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Curious question, just want to double check myself.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So tomorrow my Samsung 860 EVO 500GB arrives, I'm swapping this from my Kingston VSS300 Which I've had for numerous years and has recently been performing poorly, and in general my pc is just full of cluttered shit and a million programs which have sort of made my pc not let other programs work. But besides that my question still remains.


So, I've put all my important files and games etc onto my M.2 ssd and my plan is this:


Put everything onto my M.2

Take out the m.2 so on the windows reset it doesn't wipe my m.2 so to say.

Put a windows boot file onto the new ssd

Disconnect my old ssd, restart with just the new ssd and get windows setup on it fresh.

Re install the m.2 and yes????


I'm assuming this may work???? Correct me if I'm wrong, honestly haven't really touched my pc in a long time besides cpu/mobo/cooler upgrades blah blah and nothing really windows wise.



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