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Wi-Fi card upgrade?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey, I got an intel AC8265 card in my pc. I have two questions. I have an AC router, is it worth it to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 only on my pc? Would there be any speed difference (I download very often heavy files)? Would the AX201 interface compatible with my AC card? Thanks in advance

P.S. I download on other devices at about 75-95 mb/s and on my AC8265 at about 30, and no, running an Ethernet cable is not an option.

PC: i5-9400f - 32gb DDR4 3200MHz - 1660ti - 256GB NVMe - 1024GB HHD - K55 RGB - DeathadderV2 - Void Elite 7.1 USB

LAN: 1GBit/s downstream 200Mbit/s upstream

Phone: iPhone 6s 64GB

Milan, Italy (UTC+2)

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The speed "difference" would be within margin of error. You would see zero benefit since the router cannot deal with WiFi 6 clients you'll drop back to WiFi 5 on your PC.

Current Network Layout:

Current Build Log/PC:

Prior Build Log/PC:

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