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Anas Dweik

Problem in my pc building. Motherboard problem

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys i have b450 asus strix. I have run the motherboard on the box it worked normally. But when i bulid the pc its not detecting the rams cpu, not giving signal. The fans are spinning. Mobo leds are on. Gpu is on. But the its not checking gpu, rams and cpu.  But the mobo is on. 

Its not giving any signal. I removed the rams and changed the cpu power cable. 


*keyboard and mouse are not working either. The leds are not turning on

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Just now, bkrenderman said:

check if the cables is properly connected to mobo. also any indicator LED on the mobo is on? tell us your complete system spec.

Debugs led are not turning on at all but the pc runs and fans spin


I have 3600, b450f, r9 390x. 16 3200 ram. Seasonic 850 gold x-series 



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