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Resolution up/down scaling

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

I currently got a 3840x1080p super ultrawide monitor. In games like AC Odyssey, I still play on '7680x2160p' by having dynamic resolution on 200%. This looks way way better than just 1080p. So I would only assume it would look even better on an actual 4k monitor / 2160p monitor.


Now, I have experienced that lowering resolution (actual resolution, not dynamic resolution, while keeping the aspect ratio) on a 1080p monitor to 720p looks disgusting, while on a 1440p monitor -> 720p it still looks 'acceptable'. I get that, since 1440p/2=720p fits the amount of pixels better.


So this got me to my question... Is that the same with dynamic upscaling?

1080p -> 2160p dynamic upscaling looks lovely, but will 1440p -> 2160p dynamic upscaling also look good?

(which should of course look even better than the 1080p monitor, since its a 1440p monitor...)


Curious on how this technology works.. if the native is completely irrelevant for the dynamic resolution, or not.

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