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How can I feel nothing?

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I always wish I could feel nothing, the feelings of lonliness and rejection crush my feelings of happiness and life success. Women have too much power over me because of my complete lack of women ever being interested in me. I'm fat, really ugly and weird so I get it but I just wish they made a pill that made you like spock.... no emotions ever! I just don't want to care about anything but work and family, sure someday ill be all alone but I don't want to care about that either. I just don't want to care, why can't they make a pill that makes yoy not care?

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Love is blind.

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I'm sure you are a great guy. Life is the greatest gift of all... try to live it the best you can. We all have issues, problems and drawbacks but also happiness, joy, family, a couple of very good friends. And then this magnificent universe in which we live in which is like an amazing picture for us to discover and understand (at least a very tiny part of it).

And if you think about it, it's all we have


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Well that defeatist attitude certainly wont help.


If that's you in your profile picture, you also clearly have a very poor self image. if you believe you're fat, you can do something about that. "ugly"? not by my definition.


You're treading on a very dangerous line of self defeat and pessimism, if you take the step over it, it's very VERY hard to pull back from.

I would highly suggest seeking professional help as you might be developing (or have already developed) some form of clinical depression.

Judge the product by it's own merits, not by the Company that created it.



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Sometimes physical exertion is good for chasing away the down stuff.

Maybe try running or weightlifting anything really that appeals to you and make it a part of your life.

It might help.


Not to be a jerk but really for a lot of people being lonely is the least of their problems.

Think about all the bad stuff people suffer all the time and how many of them suffer it alone all their life.

Your body gets used to your work after a while so sometimes you have to do something extra.

I think in a way doing hard physical stuff in addition to work reminds the body/brain of that fact.

That things could be far worse then just being lonely and often is for a lot of people.


Good things also happen all the time.

Hang in there dude.



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Cheer up man! Let country roads take you home. Sing with me


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5 hours ago, Shadow_Storm56 said:

. I'm fat, really ugly and weird so I get it but I just wish they made a pill that made you like spock....

Women don´t like crybabies.
Stop complaining and start working on yourself first. There is no excuse for being out of shape.

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don't base the love towards yourself on what one specific person thinks of you.

it doesn't matter how often you fall, it's how you often you stand up.


maybe this one can help you at the moment, it has helped me in the past:


otherwise just listen to some of your favorite music, relax a little, contact a friend or family member and maybe talk a little or just invite them to an online game to take your mind of this.


don't push down emotions. anything you push down will come back up twice as hard.

"We're all in this together, might as well be friends" Tom, Toonami.

Sorry if my post seemed rude, that is never my intention.

"Why do we suffer a lifetime for a moment of happiness?" - Anonymous


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You need to start looking at yourself and doing self-improvement my dude. Life's a series of obstacle that you need to overcome, and you're not going to do it if you're being defeatist and pessimistic.

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Don't bind your happiness to relationships. People come and go, distinguishing between personal love and happiness with the kind that comes from others is important.

You should strive to improve your own well-being, be it mentally or physically, before you look for an external stimulus for happiness.


If you don't do this already, try to find what interests you, things like hobbies, so you can occupy your mind with something other than relationships and whatnot.

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Get a dog. Or maybe a cat. But definitely a dog. Dogs are unconditionally loyal if you're good to them, they will never judge you and make great companions so you'll never feel alone. Just get one that suits your character. Or the opposite if you want to change your own character. Some dogs like to nap around while others are super active. If you want someone to just hang around, get the lazy one. If you want dog to change you, get active one that will force you to go on long walks with him. Just be determined enough that you'll comitt to it, not get an active dog and then just dump him or give him away coz it'll be annoyance then. Along with how active it is, also be aware of their size and how that fits into your home. Must be one that will live with you indoors and not a dog that you'll have outside as it's just not the same connection then.


I'm more of a hermit myself and having dog around is just so nice. I had hamsters and guinea pigs and while they all had their own character, dogs are on whole diffeent level.

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And let me just give you this advice: Feeling nothing is the opposite of what you want to do. Every experience goes hand in hand with emotions and feelings and they are an essential part of overcoming things. Due to my depression which occasionally leads to emotional numbness (which is just what you want and which is what I unfortunately experience), I developed a spastic colon and allergy-like upper respiratory symptoms without having anything wrong with my body in the first place. Everything that hasn't been processed in a multitude of ways (including experiencing emotions) will come back to bite your ass and severely limit, if not negate, the possibility of healing unless you can accept your emotions.

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If you don't want to care, dont think about it or beat yourself over it. Do something else that will actually contribute positively to your wellbeing. Going down a spiral of self-deprecation never did anyone good.

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*** Thread locked ***


While I understand you made the thread for sympathy mainly. The problem is that these threads can go south very quickly, and there are already couple replies walking the line.


And if this was not made to get sympathy, the premise is way too dark for our audience.

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