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The Torrent

Cheapest storage drive?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I thought 2.5inch ide drives would be cheap but 500gb sata drives are cheaper than 60gb ide drives...


something small. Something cheap. Must be at least about 80mbps speed over usb would suffice no garbage little flash drives then.


i can see 500gb sata drives 2.5inch on eBay. Anything to beat that?


(I need it for downloading 100% legitimate films on to)


.Waiting for intel 7nm, navi 23, zen 11...



Updated: Too long ago

Alienware 17r5


500D SE/3600/1060 STRIX VERTICAL/AG352UCG6 120hz 1440p gsync ultrawide / TOO MUCH RGB

A few negligible workstation builds

Gaming Routers are Stupid

I have a RGB Problem

/pcmasterrace /widescreenmasterrace


Audiophile, EL8 Titanium go to drivers for weight to performance ratio.

Music Setup Cubase 10 PRO, Adam A8X, Adam Sub8.


I dont ask stupid questions, I just word them stupid so you think its stupid.

im not stupid your stupid calling me stupid stupid

Why are you still reading this this is prob all wildly outdated as i just found out how to change signature and ill prob never be bothered again hahahahhahahahaa.


The word "Gaming" and anything around it is cringe. E.G


I'm a gamer les go play fortnite. In cringe 9 year old voice.

I want a Gaming Computer to play fortnite. In cringe 9 year old voice.


Gaming is dumb enthusiast is cool.


Whitebread > Brownbread



Idk how many lines this is im not counting im prob breaking rules #rebel

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I personally avoid eBay when possible.  I have had bad experiences with used drives.  There are people who have a nasty habit of selling “about to die” drives used just before they completely die.  Any computer part that can wear, basically. This includes PSUs.  There are some very cheap small SSDs out there.  I recall a review of a “fat pidgeon” or something that turned out to be decent.  The conventional wisdom was “any ssd that has cache” is generally usable.  The ones that didn’t had wear problems.  There now appear to be exceptions to this though.


If you’re willing to buy new my personal move in this situation would be to go to PcPartPicker.com, choose “storage” and then “filter” lowest prices first.
doing that for USA I’m seeing a 60gb sunbow T3 for $13.99, followed by a 320gb western digital av-gp for $14.99

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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