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Gaming TripleWide 8k/Virtualization Build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Budget: Don’t worry, already sold my liver
Country: The states
Games, programs or workloads: 24/7 virtualization, current and future gaming titles, ES6 at 8k, Cyberpunk at 8k, etc.
Other details: I am using 3x 64:9 1080p ultrawide 21:9 @ 7680x1080p [something like this], but I wanna upgrade to 3x ultrawide 1440p or "downgrade" to a 1x 32:9 monitor in 2k at 5120x1440p

Planned Build:

CPU: 10900k @ 5.1GHz or 5.2GHz 24/7

Heatsink: h150i or open to suggestions

GPU: 3080 or something higher in the future. Using 2080 Super for now
GPU: 970 for auxiliary monitors [Already have]

Ram: DDR4 128 GB 3600 

MB: Z490 Aorus Ultra or a... [Need: 3x M.2 or more, Two GPUs, 2x iGPU ports, Overclocking]

PSU: RMx 850 [Already have] Should be enough. Might upgrade as well

Monitors: 2x 1080p, 4x 1080p Ultra wide, 2x3 Six Total Monitors

Case: Don't know. Looking at sleepers.

Current Build:

CPU: 3900x

Heatsink: D15

GPU: EVGA 2080 Super

GPU: 970 Auxiliary monitors

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3600

MB: Tuf x570 Plus

PSU: Corsair RMx 850
Monitors: 2x 1080p, 4x 1080p Ultra wide, 2x3 Six Total Monitors

Case: LOL Don’t really have one right now…


Explanation of Parts:

CPU: I feel limited trying to game at TripleWide 8k with the 3900x right now and I wanna prepare for the future more.

Heatsink: I’m trying to get that 5.1GHz or 5.2GHz 24/7 OC’d on the 10900k. Should I be looking at 240mm rads AIO or 360mm AIOs to get me there? I’m looking at Corsair or NZXT or open to suggestions.

GPU: This will definitely require an upgrade in the future.

Monitors:  I am struggling to keep a solid 60fps at TripleWide 7680x1080p right now and someday I would like to upgrade to TripleWide Ultrawide 1440p @ 10,320x 1440p or even TripleWide Ultrawide 4k… whenever that comes into existence. I would totally consider “downgrading” to a 1x 32:9 1440p 5120x1440p.  I have never gamed at 120fps or higher before…. I think it would be nice.

MB: Z490 Aorus Ultra seems pretty good with the features I am looking for, 3x M.2, GPU slots, 2x iGPU slots, and good option for overclocking. Should I look for something more?

RAM: Maxing out 64GB already on virtualization plus gaming. I was planning on OCing 3600 or should I still go down to 3200 and OC a bit? It’s harder to find 32GB sticks in 3600.



Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Benchmark min 29 / max 54 / Average 39 / 95% 31 @ 7680x1080

Rust 72-81fps @ 7680x1080

Witcher 3: 25-40fps @ 7680x1080

Dark Souls 50-60fps @ 7880x1080p 197:27

 Minecraft 15-70fps without shaders. 10-30fps with shaders. 30 chunks @ 7680x1080


| 10900k @ Incoming | 3900x @ Stock | 2700k @ 5.0 |


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:                                      "Linux is only free if your time has no value."

CPU: 10900k // Heatsink: Liquid Freezer II 280 // GPU: EVGA 2080 Super XC //MB: z490 Vision D // RAM: Corsair Vengeance 64GB 3600 // PSU Corsair RMx 850 // OS Intel 660p 2TB // Box 2x Kingston 460GB SSD // VR Vive Index // Mouse Naga 2020 // Keyboard Ducky Shine 7 Miami // Fedora 32 i3wm / Windows 10


But Can it Run Crysis Build: 

CPU: 3900x // Heatsink: D15 // GPU: GTX 980 //MB: Tuf x570 Plus // RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3600 // PSU Corsair RMx 850 // OS Kingston 460GB SSD // VR OG HTC Vive // Fedora 30 i3wm / Windows 10


Task Manager Too Powerful Build:

CPU: 2700k // Heatsink: Stock // GPU: EVGA GTX 970 // MB: Yes // RAM: Vengeance 16GB DDR3 // OS Kingston 480GB // Not Porn 4TB Spinner // Fedora 31

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