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Problem with ubisoft!

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hello there linus team,

i have a big problem with ubisoft i have created account with my facebook on ubisoft and someone hacked and linked there steam in it and now i can't unlink my facebook because they asking me to prove ownership of my account through steam but i never linked any of my steam accounts to ubisoft until yesterday when i created new account and linked with my steam account but the problem is i never had email address like *email redacted* and i can't unlink my facebook account cuz i need to login to account management and unlink that my self but i cannot do it cuz this isn't my email and i never had one like this what i remember that i created account via facebook i think you know where i'm gettin so now the problem is can you help me to go public with this problem cuz support team doesn't want me to help and they started ignoring me..... i tried to unlink from facebook but i still have same problem when i login in ubisoft website via facebook i get connected to hacked account! they can't help me to remove my personal facebook from hacked account and i cant prove them that this hacked account was mine this is just silly!
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I don't have an answer but I am thoroughly impressed by that amazing run-on sentence. Strong work!

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11 minutes ago, EdzkaLT said:

hello there linus team,

This is a community forum, contacting Linus Media Group through here is relatively pointless. If you have issues with Ubisoft, tweeting at them will most likely solve the issue, we're not Ubisoft and apart from telling you to contact Ubisoft, there's not much else here that can be done to recover your account.

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