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what's the biggest PSU Wattage before it turns into a rectangle?

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Just now, KENZY9 said:

i wanted biggest Wattage PSU that's square, not long rectangular

 I assume you mean you want the length and width of the PSU to be the same?

The width and height is always the same on an ATX PSU (86mm*150mm). The length can differ.


Do you have a max for what the length can be? What parts will you be powering with this PSU?


The Seasonic GX-1000 is 140 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H), with 140mm of course being the variable in PSU size.

So there are definitely high wattage PSU's in a sort of square size.

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I.e you want 150mm long PSU ? Seasonic Focus based units, Fractal Design ION+, ADATA XPG Core Reactor. Most of them are 850W max, but Seasonic Focus has 1kW version too.

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