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Apps & Features Taking all my SSD Space, Confused!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi All,


My work PC was only built a couple of months ago, with a Samsung EVO 500gb SSD.


I was sure to put all my work files and set download folders to the HDD, with the only things on the SSD being software such as Thunderbird, Chrome, etc.


Windows alerted me to my surprise that my memory was full. It states that 429gb is being used by Apps & Features, however when I click on this and sort by size they do not add up to anywhere near this amount. There isn't a single app over 1gb, and only 14 apps over 1mb. (See Pics)


Another strange happening, was it said I had around 600mb free. So I deleted 9gb of temporary files, refreshed and now have 300mb free!


I am baffled by what could be causing this and am currently unable to do any work. I would highly doubt this sorcery is a from a hardware defect as it is a top quality SSD and I've never even had problems with cheap SSDs before.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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I believe you can't see Hidden files and folders this way.

But 400 GB is indeed too much space even if we count all windows updates and system backups still being stored.

You could try a different file explorer, that would indeed show all files. What I did to save SSD from unneeded writes is set up a RAM disk for temp files...


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