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Skype for business issues

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This is going to be a long explanation, but it's needed, so please bare with me.


My company is currently dealing with a very strange and significant problem. You see, our parent company pushed down skype for business on us (for windows desktops), replacing our classic phone devices with voip through skype for business. That got installed last week and aside a few minor issues and glitches, that works fine. We have a 2 trap system, where the 2 employees on the bottom floor get inbound calls first and if those 2 are occupied or don't answer in 20 seconds, the call gets pushed to everybody else at the office. That's how we intended it to work and it did just that, but than we ran into a big issue.


One of the features we were eager to try out, was call forwarding to our cell phones should we be away from our desks. So installed the skype for business app on one of our employee's phone. Although it did forward it correctly, we were running into issues where only that phone, once the phone calls went from the bottom floor to the second one, would receive inbound calls. So we removed the app to avoid disrupting the normal work flow.


Only, that cell phone would keep receiving the inbound phone calls even with the skype for business app removed. This is what happens exactly: should the employees on the bottom floor be occupied/unable to answer the call and the call gets then pushed to the second floor, the employees on the second floor would get a pop on their windows desktop screens that there's a call, but only for a brief moment, before it say "call answered by employee X", employee X being the one who we originally installed the app on his cell phone, who does not have the app anymore, but keeps getting the calls anyhow. He does not answer the call at all yet on his collegues skype desktop programs it simply tells us he answered the call, making the rest unable to pick up that call! This issue does not present itself for collegues calling one another. This is of course a huge problem, because should that employee not be available, nobody is able to answer that call effectively. It effectively forces him to forego his normal daily tasks to keep tabs on his cell phone.


We asked our parent company's IT department for help, but... well they have not shown the most intellect in this case and wasted half a day even just to be able to get into direct contact with them. We did a search on this issue and found this:



Workaround 2: The Skype for Business Mobile client isn't installed.
If the Skype for Business Mobile client was removed without first logging off, the Static Registration for this specific mobile device will become orphaned on the front end server. Also, Skype for Business calls will continue to be forward to the mobile device's phone number and any phone number that you provided when you installed the Skype for Business Mobile client. The forwarding will occur for a 15 day expiration time out period from the last logon using the Skype for Business Mobile client.


  • The 15 day expiration time out period's call forwarding settings are independent from the settings for call forwarding in the Skype for Business desktop client. The settings cannot be disabled from anywhere other than the Skype for Business Mobile client on the specific mobile device, by logging off the Skype for Business Mobile client.
  • Adding an additional phone number on a Skype for Business Mobile client won't remove an orphaned Static Registration and therefore won't stop call forwarding to the mobile device. If you cannot log off the Skype for Business client on the specific mobile device that was used to create the current Static Registration, you have to wait the 15-day expiration time out period before calls will stop being forwarded to the mobile phone number.

Since we had not a single clue, not even a warning in the app, that we had to logout in the app before removing it, else we get to deal with a orphaned registration on the front end server, it's really lamentable that we got into this situation.


My question is as follows: does anybody had to deal with this issue before, and is there maybe a solution that does not involve having to wait 15 days to have this problem fixed?

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