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Peripherals and Video Over Distance

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I currently have two PCs but I want to sell them both and build one to replace them. The issue there is that I will need to send and HDMI signal over long distance (~50-70ft) at 4k 60Hz and I also want to be able to have bluetooth for controllers and usb for keyboard, mouse, headset, and possible other peripherals accessible at the remote location to reduce the range at which those peripherals must communicate wirelessly. I'm looking for any recommendations you all have for the best way to do this. The computer itself will be located with my dual monitors in my office so I won't need special cables there and the TV will be in the living room. I've read about extension over ethernet for these things but I'm getting pretty confused about what exactly I need for this. It would be ideal if I could just run one long cable but I'm happy to run two if it saves money. Fiber optic also isn't ideal because it is a bit expensive and I also haven't seen any white cables which would be less of an eyesore running across my walls. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post. Thanks!

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