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Advise: Samsung galaxy Buds Live, galaxy Buds +, others?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I'm thinking of getting some "true wireless" earbuds. 
Anyone some advise. Tbh I'm mostly thinking of the galaxy Buds Live but i'm not quite sure.

There's a lot of choice and it's not as if you can just try them out. 

I like to listen to all sorts of music but mostly it's something similar to "Unlike Pluto", "Fytch", "Tones & I", etc.  
I'm a bit of an audiophile and enjoy good quality music.

Yes I like a good bass to the song as well but not blasting and crippling my ears open just to hear it. 
Noice canceling isn't a top priority but I would like to hear my music instead of trains and city noises when on the go.
Preferably without needing to set music "too loud" (earsbleeding loud to hear it over the background).

The reason i'm thinking of earbuds: It is "compact" and easy on the go. 

I've owned the JBL inspire 700 and was happy with the sound quality.

Off course it was often a bit of a struggle to get them in ear comfortably but yea. 


Any advise / help is welcome.

Kind regards. 

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I definitely wouldn't get the galaxy buds live, reviews say that the fit can be difficult to get right, and when you are putting them in you are likely to touch the controls, skipping around your tracks.

further with the "open back" earbud design the noise cancellation dose not work, and even without that, the sound quality is apparently not the best

consider checking out the tao tronics soundliberty 79, they're cheaper but very well reviewed and at 50usd you aren't in for that much when compared to some of the higher end options like products from Samsung


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if your on public transit regularly you would want an in ear design regardless of ANC. a good pair with decent bass is the jabra elite 65t and if youdont mind spending a bit more cash the AKG N400 is pretty great


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My portable setup: fiio Q1 mk2, fiio ubtr, fiio btr1k,fiio btr5---> whatever bud or IEM Im feeling that day

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