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Help with case and Power Supply!!

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Sorry for the grammar, if any, english is not my first language. I was hoping if i could get some help in the choosing of my case and power supply since im kinda new to this building on your own thing. My specs already bought are:


CPU: Ryze 5 3600

Motherboard: B550M Mortar (Mini ATX)

RAM: TridentZ RGB 16gb - CL16 3200 (cause colors)

SSD: Silicon Power 256GB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28")

Hard Drive: NEW Toshiba 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA 3 (6Gb/s)



The GPU that i have is a gift that im gonna use for now, im gonna upgrade it in a couple of months to a 1650 probably. If you have any advice about what graphic card should i upgrade too, that would be awesome.


So, what case and power supply should i get?. Since im peruvian and my currency is literally 1/3 of a dollar im probably gonna have a tight budget, so probably mid range for both.


Thanks so much!

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4 minutes ago, Renatto615 said:

power supply

Power supply is pretty much user preference. There is a handy guide on the power supplies. I would say for your system i would go for a B or C tier if you want to go a little chepar. i would not recommend going any lower. Also, I would say to get about 500 to 600 watt power supply to count for upgrades down the line. But you can get more if you are thinking of getting a 30 series card. i would recommend at least 700 watts for 30 series cards. 

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For a power supply a good 500-600w unit will be enough (always look for something from reputable brands, like corsair, coolermaster, evga, thermaltake), and the case is basically always what looks good to you and what you can afford. For a gpu i would wait for rdna2 and the 3000 series to see the prices, but if you wanted to go out and buy a card this instant i would get a 5700xt, its good bang for the buck.

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38 minutes ago, Renatto615 said:

The GPU that i have is a gift that im gonna use for now, im gonna upgrade it in a couple of months to a 1650 probably.

just would like to point out that upgrading to a 1650 is a downgrade.........

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If you calculate, with something near high configuration,

ryzen 3700x + RTX 2080ti = 4.343(ignore after .0000) Watts!!! Even with the full performance on. 

:i can be wrong: check their sites. 


The spec you are telling,

1. Upgrading : ryzen 5 3600 + 1650 Nvidia

  ✓ go with something around 500-450W 

Will be great. 

2. If you think, after a few years you want to upgrade your system a bit more, changing GPU's/Cpu's

✓best option will be going above 500W



if i made any mistake, [ Mods: help me too. ]

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