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GoPro - Isolate noise from the mount?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, I've got a GoPro which I'm using with a Suction mount. This is suction cupped to my windshield. I'm getting a TON of noise at higher speed from my driveline, tires, and general road noise, and it's coming through the mount, not the air/mic.


I've goggled this repeatedly, and everything I've found has been useless, or worse than useless.


What I would LIKE is a noise isolation link for the mount system. Basically, a piece of rubber that sits between two plastic components to isolate road noise, while not introducing too much in the way of vibration to the camera itself.


Someone is going to suggest getting a plug-in mic: I DO NOT HAVE A BLACK EDITION, and the silver does NOT SUPPORT these. I looked. My only other option is to get an external sound recording solution, and then import the audio in post, but I've spent $400 on this project so far, and have made $0, so I'm looking for a rather inexpensive, or free, fix for this problem, before I just assume the money I spent is a loss, and go a different direction entirely.

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Yes? Then have you tried downloading more RAM?

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Look up "Hobbypower Anti-Vibration Set for Gopro Hero DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Walkera Qr X350 PRO" on Amazon, it's 10$(US) and I think for your windshield mount, it might be just the low cost thing you are looking for.  Good luck!

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Unfortunately I don't think those two wishes are compatible. Any mount that is loose enough to provide isolation for audio is going to result in shaking video.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ah, sorry, I was a bit distracted by the entire town I live near almost burning down, but let's see...


So, I actually figured out that either one or both front hubs in my Subaru are screwed, or it's the front axles, or more likely, it's the front diff. Either way, there's a really loud rumbling/roaring sound when driving, and this goes straight through the suction mount into the GoPro's mic.


So, the above suggestion for the mount isolater looks good, but I'm using a GoPro suction mount that uses the universal attachment parts to attach to the camera case. I could kinda get something working, but I'd have to buy two of the mount kits I found and do some magic with the rest of my kit to get it to work.


I'd actually just fix the rumbling roar, but I honestly don't want to waste any more money on this vehicle.


I considered getting a head mount, but the ridiculous driver's seat position makes a top of the head placement impossible for a GoPro (my head is actually up against the roof/moonroof thingy), so I would have to get a camera mount that has the GoPro on the side of my head.


Or I could just forget about this project for now, and do something else with my time. If I have any. I still might be called on at any time to help evacuate a nearby evacuation center, if another fire gets started (blah, there's enough jerks out right now trying...)

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Yes? Then have you tried downloading more RAM?

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