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Unify Security Gateway on NanoPi R2S?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I hope this is in the right topic, but anyways.


Is there a way to get the Unify Security Gateway on a NanoPi R2S? 



Recently I have seen that you can put the cloud key on a raspberry pi, and was wondering if you would be able to somehow get the USG on NanoPi R2S as it has dual gigabit ethernet ports on board. 

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Ethernet port speeds won't come anywhere near mattering compared to the dedicated SOCs and CPU for packet processing that a USG has that without would demolish that little CPU.

Current Network Layout:

Current Build Log/PC:

Prior Build Log/PC:

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The USGs are physical devices and the software's not available to the public, so no. Cloud Key is also a physical device. You can get the UniFi Controller SDK, which is publically available and put that on a Pi.


Technically? It's probably possible but practically, no.

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