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CD PROJEKT RED Rejects $69.99 Pricing for Next-Gen Versions of Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt Red leading the way, showing other game devs how to market art. Literally every other developer is ready to add another $10 to their price tag for release in PS5 and XboX Latest gen.

So, who's ordering Cyberpunk? Also, who's excited for RTX in Cyberpunk? 


Source: https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/09/05/cd-projekt-red-rejects-69-99-pricing-for-next-gen-versions-of-cyberpunk-2077/

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CDPR has bit of advantage compared to many others as they publish their own games. Many other deveplopers rely on big publishers, like EA and Ubisoft, and actually don't have that much leverage when it comes to pricing.

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