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Is anyone going to take vaccine?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just wondering if it will be mandarory or else our lives will be difficult when it comes to getting job, travelling etc?

What are your thoughts? Can they force it with military or its violation of our rights? I dont trust that  vaccine if it comes out this year..

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You’re asking tech people if we are going to take a vaccine as if we leave the house anyways 


/s but I will probably get a vaccine if it’s proven safe

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FYI, there's a COVID thread.  You'll probably get more responses there, since anybody interested in the topic is probably looking at that thread actively.  




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I'll take it


but our lives are still gonna be more difficult, mine at least will be. Using any public transport requires you to install an 'app' on your smartphone that tracks your location (it refuses to start if you disable location on the phone) I think they're gonna keep that even after the vax is out and the virus is gone.

There's also brand new face recon stuff was also installed on trains and stations both under and overground, all made in China, most of the trains are from the CRCC as well and it's funny because even the logos that I guess say "mind the gap" are written in chinese lol 

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* thread locked *


Please use the COVID thread for any COVID related discussion.


Also, personal input ; public health isn't a violation of anyone's rights. Vaccines were invented and are used to fight deadly or debilitating disease, nothing else. The initial vaccine might not be very efficient, but edging our bets socially is the best way to get out of this.

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