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Overheating on Dell laptops with Intel CPU

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey, new here! Long time follower of LTT, first time poster. I was hoping somebody here could give me some insight into this

My laptop is a 2017 Dell 7373 with an Intel i7 8550U. Intel CPUs are notorious for heating up, and Dell... well. The thing is, I can't seem to find a good way to figure out if my laptop is running too hot or not (no exact guidelines to compare to). The most I could do is get CoreTemp and the temperatures are weird.

Apparently, the processor temperature (if healthy) should not go beyond 75 degC. But mine seems to be either bordering on it under mild use, or regularly cross it into 85 degC territory, when charging and on a laptop cooler. When almost idle, it is always around 60 degC when on a charger, but this drops to ~40 degC when on battery.

Question: Are these normal numbers, or should I be worried? I've considered opening up the back case and using a can of compressed air, but I don't know the risks involved. Any guidance would be really helpful.

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38 minutes ago, ConfusedShinobi said:

Any guidance would be really helpful.

Compressed air is fine, just make sure the laptop is off. You might be surprised at the dust inside.

So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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