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Does jumpstarting a PSU, with paper clip, void its warranty?

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So I have a Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 Watt Fully Modular, Compact, Silent Fan 80 PLUS Gold, bought it last year around now.


One day the computer shut down abruptly and didnt post, i would turn on the system, fan would whir, mobo would light up and then it went dead.


Cleared CMOS, nothing, did everything except test a new PSU. Was going to test with an older PSU, but first i decided to jump the Cooler Master PSU with a paper clip. That worked and it lit up a case fan i used to test.


Out of curiosity I plugged my PSU to the Mobo and it POSTed.


So I am thinking if the PSU needs to be RMA'd and If i RMA it, would using the paper clip jumpstart method void the warranty?

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It won't void your warranty but it seems like your power button is broken in some way.

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No. Especially if you just don't tell them that you did.


So long as you don't blatantly damage the unit by accidentally shorting pins you shouldn't have there's no evidence for them to refuse an RMA if it becomes necessary.


Kind of similar to the Intel CPU situation where the warranty is void if you overclock. You could just not tell them that you did.

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