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Motherboard swap

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Hi, i have a Lenovo thinkpad carbon x1 tablet 2nd gen. It a 2 in 1 device and it's a i5 machine with 8Ram. I saw motherboards with I7 and 16GB ram for sale, so i want to know if it's possible to change an i5 motherboard with an i7 one with more ram. If its possible, please let me know. I need these specs for my creative work and i don't have the budget to buy a completely new machine.

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Not following. First, you can't just switch out a laptop motherboard. They're pretty much proprietary. Second, i5 vs i7 has nothing to do with the motherboard. Different generations of processors have different socket types, and not all generations will work with every motherboard based on the socket it has, but an i5 and and i7 in the same gen would use the same socket. That said, laptop mobos generally have the CPUs soldered directly on, so even socket type doesn't really come into play at that point.

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5 minutes ago, Chris Pratt said:

First, you can't just switch out a laptop motherboard.

if it's from the same model, i dont see why not if he has steady hands, and if that laptop isnt glued together


but generally not recommended anyways, sometimes the cooling config is different

Things I need help with:




I hate Intel's pricing, Ryzen's weird quirks, Nvidia's pricing, and Radeon GPUs in general




Products I like:


Sony Xperia Z1 / Z2 / 10 ii, Asus Strix 970 / 1070, Samsung SSD, WD HDD, Corsair PSUs (AX, RM, CX(grey)), GeForce GPU, NZXT N450/S340, be quiet! Coolers, G.Skill Trident RAM, Logitech M525, Logitech G440, Razer Deathadder Elite


Products I hate:


Xperia Z3, XiaoMi 5c, Radeon GPUs, Razer Audio Products, any bloatwares


Companies I absolutely adore: (and hope it stays that way)


be quiet! - sent me AM4 mounting for my DRP3 even though it's way past the timeframe stated, no questions asked

Corsair - very good RMA experience, absolutely recommend


Companies I hate:


Nvidia, Intel, Apple, TMT (Thundermatch, a retailer)


Personal Blacklisted Companies:


Acer monitors, Gigabyte, Seagate HDD, Kingston SSD, Razer (except their mouse), XiaoMi Phones


Remember, just because I had good/bad experiences with these companies/product, doesn't mean you will have similar experiences too. I would still recommend these products if they made sense for your needs, but I'll add a disclaimer of my experience if it's relevant. Feel free to DM me asking why they are where they are.



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