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First time using liquid cooling, question about AIO Radiator fans.

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I bought a corsair 360mm h150i rgb pro xt which I am going to mount in a push/pull configuration at the front of my case. The AIO itself comes with 3 M120 pro fans, and I have 3 LL120s on the front. My case came with a commander pro, which I am using for all the RGB and fan wiring. I have been told that you want to install the 3 fans that came with the AIO as well as the pump to the CPU fan header. Should I connect the 3 ML120s to the CPU fan header along with the pump, or should I plug the pump into the aio_pump header on my motherboard and the fans into my commander pro?


My second question is how this will work with the GPU. Let's say that I am doing something very GPU intensive but not very CPU intensive. Let's say I plug the fans into the CPU fan header, does this mean that the 3 ML120s at the front of the case won't turn on with increasing GPU temperatures since they are for the CPU? Or if I connect the fans to the commander pro, how can I be sure that they will properly cool the CPU?

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I think you are making this a little more complicated than it needs to be.


First I wouldn't worry about push/pull on that AIO. As for fan curves... the cpu will pretty much always be engaged for anything burning gpu cycles. So if you want more air flow at gpu load set a fan curve that hits 70% or so at 50-55c and ramp up to 100% at say 70-75c.



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