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T-Force XTREEM ARGB 16GB DDR4 3600 MHz

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I had the Night Hawks RGB and love them to bits just because of the way they looked and how heavy they were.

But they were just 1 mm too tall for me to close the side panel in the DAN A4 SFX. When these new ARGB kits came out I was instantly hooked I mean personally I think they look absolutely stunning due to the clever design of using a mirror like plastic covered aluminium alloy heatsink which also lights up. Apparently they have Samsung B-Die ICs and are under the 51 mm for height requirement my case (49) so this should be interesting.


You have the option to select from up to three different frequency and timing option kits (3200, 3600 or 4000 MHz / CL14, CL16 or CL18). The price varies between $116 to $180. I think they do 32 GB kits at least what's on the website. 


Not the most powerful CPU to do testings but the new 3100 so far is handling stuff pretty well. I got the new ASUS B550i STRIX ITX board and managed to OC the kits just on the stock D.O.C.P profiles from 3600 MHz to 4000 MHz! Then I even managed to lower the timings (at 1.45v VDIMM and 1.08v for the SOC) for the same frequency and thus having CL14-15-15-35 1T; basically replicating the more expensive sister kit with the same specs. Here are the results for the 4000 MHz on the stock profile and will add more info as I further tweak the stability and waiting for a newer bios and a better CPU. 


So far they are quite cool and if you are into the RGB rave, they are quite stunning. Perfoamnce wise, so far I never had a kit that I can 'oc' just on the stock profiles for 400 MHz gains.











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