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Steelseries Headset

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So i bought a steelseries headset siberia v2 but it says that it is a model without a microphone? Is it fake or what does that actually exist cuz i never seen steelseries without a mic

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i owned the headset you mentioned, the mic is a tiny nub on the left earcup. one word of warning with the headset though be prepared for alot of people to moan/shout at you because of it as the mic picks up sounds you hear very very easily and it became so much of an issue for me i ended up getting rid of it and switching to hyperx cloud 2's.


your milage may vary but just be warned that i can become an issue in the longrun.

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Where does it say it doesn't have mic?


I do have one without mic. But it didn't start out like that. The mic's build quality is sh. It broke after few months of use, so I pulled it off. Now I have Siberia v2 without mic. Otherwise it still works, over 5 years later. Sound quality is sh and they are uncomfortable. But as spare and closed-back option, sure.

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