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The best wireless headphones/headsets for 150€

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So as the title states I am looking for a pair of wireless headphones for around 150€  but I can't seen to find any that tick all my boxes because they either cost way to much or just have a runtime of just 6-10 hours.


Well what I am looking for in wireless headphones/headsets is a runtime of at least 16-18 hours ,bluetooth 5.0 or an additional USB-dongle ,comfortable ear cushions,great sound and only optional a usable microphone for discord.


The one I found that matched my interests is the EOZ Arc https://eozaudio.com/products/eoz-arc but these out of stock and I didn't find a lot of reviews , and even if they were in stock I am still hesitant to buy them and I would appreciate it if someone could share their experience with these headphones.

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I've ordered a pair of these about a month ago when they had them in stock - still haven't received them. The order has been confirmed with up to 6 days shipping, but actually I never received any updates even though the order confirmation said: "You’ll receive an email and text when your order is ready." and "You’ll get shipping and delivery updates by email and text." Their support isn't very helpful either. They say, things have been delayed due to Covid-19 and I should be reiceiving the headphones soon - no date, no tracking ID. But given the fact I've never received any official shipping update, I highly doubt it.

The reviews I've found online are not particularly helpful so far. I wonder why there aren't more reviews available. That kinda reminds me of the Escobar Fold Scam. So, either that story is a scam or these folks should really get their sh** together. If you are willing to burn the money without knowing what's gonna happen, feel free. ;)

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