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Silviu Tudorescu

Weird behavior of my steering wheel and pedals on my pc

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, i’m a fellow Canadian from the french side (Montreal) and i’m out of solutions to find maybe you might have an idea...

So i have this high end peripherals (Simucube 2 Pro direct drive base, Simulaje F1S steering wheel and the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals, on a Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master + Intel I9-10900KF + RTX 2080Ti + 32 gig Ram Kingston Predator 3200 + Samsung 970 Evo M2 Nvme SSD) i use the pimax 5k + for Iracing, the thing is watching other people on youtube their handling seems different the mine. They seem to more “braking force and cornering grip” then i do. I try changing the motherboard went from the Asus Z490 Strix Maximus Xi Hero to the one i have now the Gigabyte one but i didn’t affect anything. Can it be maybe the power outlet doesn’t provide a steady 110/120V? If i add a APC will it help to have a more efficient output of electricity? 


PS: it’s not my driving, i’m following the exact lines let say from a person who can manage to gain consistly 2 seconds per lap on the same track and same car. They can brake a little later then i can and when turning the car keeps the radius of the so called turn which i can’t! 

Ever heard of this kind of alien bug?

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2 thoughts come to mind 1st is possible deadzones that are set, so that their equipment might actually register in game differently, the second is setup, as in toe, camber, brake balance and tyre temp/pressure in game can all affect the breaking distances and turn in rates.

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