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Can someone help?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I found a new pc that I would like to know if is worth the price.As i only wathch the channel for the fun an don't know anything about pc components etc.the specs of the pc are:

Motherboard:X79 dual CPU (new)

Processors (2):Intel XEON E5 262 (new)

Cooling:Aurora RGB(2)

RAM:4GB Samsung(4)

SSD: Intel M.2 256GB(new)

HDD: WD Caviar Black 500GB

Power supply:CoolerMaster 700w +80 (has guaranty)

Fans:140mm ID Cooling (2)(new)

Windows 10 PRO 64bit (version 1909)

Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 580


for the retrospect in my country a Inno3D RTX2070 SUPER Twin X2 OC, 8GB, GDDR6 is $691,19

So my question is,is it worth the price (yes the pc has rgb)







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*What X79 motherboard?

*There's no Xeon 262, maybe it's the 2620.

*What's "Aurora RGB"? a stock cooler with a couple of LEDs?

*RAM speed?

*SSD is alright but that HDD is old

*What CM PSU? used? I would skip it.

*Is the 580 4 or 8GB?


Also take in mind Xeon CPUs are ***NOT*** for gaming, I'm just telling you because the build comes with a graphics card and "pro" Windows, well that's... odd, those are server/workstation chips, most use different GPUs and proper operating systems, mainly linux distros or windows server. 

If it's for a server you'll probably need more storage.

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