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Architect Bhavesh

Help me build my architects Workstation pc

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8 minutes ago, jones177 said:

I am from the UK but I live in the US. I live in South Florida since it is nice an warm(as the A/C runs 24/7).


I Switched to 4k in 2015. So I like the resolution. It makes fine detail easier to see in the viewport and to spot errors in a render.

I don't like the size but it may be that I am old. The last monitor I used for work was a LG 32" 4k monitor. I now use a 55" TV.

The reason I like larger monitors is for fatigue. With doing 3D on a small monitor your head stays still for hours at a time. This puts lots of stress on the neck. With a larger monitor the head moves slightly and that relieves stress. I was an extreme case since I did 3D all day and gamed at night. In the end it was my neck that gave out. 


I use one table that size and two more 180cm X 80cm. I have always used lots of computers.

I am converting all my tables to adjustable ones. Too much sitting down.


I have never used an arm but it may make things easier to adjust for focus. I always used prescription computer glasses so that my eyes focused about 50cm away from the screen.  

Thanks a lot for the advice 😊

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