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Motherboard error Cf 46, memory initialization error or something more?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I bought new corsair vengeance memory and installed it as an upgrade to my current rig. It gave an error CF 46 which I understand is a memory not detected or memory initialization error, but after removing them and resetting cmos and installing my old memory which was working fine 15 minutes ago, it gave the same error CF 46. Is the motherboard dead? (I should also mention the error codes after replacing the ram, even if I move them up a slot, don't display, when this happens I have to drain the power by unplugging the system and pressing the power button, after this the memory error returns)
I have an asrock x370 gaming k4
Old memory Gskill flarex ryzen compatible memory 2400 mhz
Ryzen 1700x cpu
Antec 750 watt gold psu

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, man ive been building computers for so long, and sometimes its the stupidest things that cause a malfunction.
I banged my head against the wall laughing maniacally after finding out what happened.
Earlier i thought, The Rams gone in! It clicked! if I push any harder ill snap the motherboard in 2.
NO, there were supposed to be 2 audible clicks, not one, two.
I am so sorry for wasting all yours time.
This is so damn Stupid
FYI the Corsair ones I bought, they work, I just wasnt pushing them down hard enough

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